Arthritis Interventions

Parks and Recreation (P&R) agencies are health and wellness leaders in communities across the country, serving populations with limited access to health resources, high levels of poverty and high rates of chronic disease. With support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) will expand dissemination and delivery of arthritis-appropriate evidence based interventions (AAEBIs) - Walk with Ease (WWE) and Active Living Every Day (ALED) – through increased training, technical assistance, education and communications. Click here for NRPA's press release.

Seniors WalkingSince 2013, NRPA has collaborated with the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) and the Arthritis Foundation to deliver WWE and ALED programs in local P&R agencies. To date, 7500 participants have been reached in 67 P&R agencies. View NRPA's Innovative Dissemination of Arthritis Interventions through Parks and Recreation brochure for more information about our work.

P&R agencies across the country have been reporting tremendous success.

“In six short weeks, the WWE program was not just a class participants attended it has become a way of life” – Park District of Forest Park, IL

Seniors stretching

“I am 32 years old and have Fibromyalgia. Before taking the ALED class I didn’t leave my house most days due to the pain I suffered. I now try to walk every day and even got my friend to walk with me. My pain has dramatically decreased from when I started the class! Just by increasing my activity!” – City of Mustang, OK



NRPA developed the Ingredients For Success resource that highlights key successes, challenges, and lessons learned from past grantees as a resource and to encourage replication of the programs in other local park and recreation agencies. 

The Arthritis Foundation has created a user friendly WWE mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android that can:

  • Track your progress
  • Make contract and set goals
  • Links to Fitbit

For questions please contact Lesha Spencer-Brown.