Parks and Conservation

Environmental imageNRPA encourages park and recreation agencies to take action to protect and enhance the environment for current and future generations. This multi-faceted support includes:

* Empowering communities to protect natural environments and natural habitats
* Developing sustainable conservation solutions that emphasize the integration of economic and environmental goals
* Advocating for environmental issues, both nationally and locally
* Promoting environmental stewardship ethics for communities

NRPA's activities have long included environmental and conservation stewardship programs that include:

* In partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, PBS Kids, and the Get to Know program, NRPA encourages children and their families to get outdoors and spend more time in their local park
* NRPA works with the Darden Foundation on the Great American Trails Program to restore and improve trails in parks across the U.S.
* NRPA's National Environmental Stewardship Ethic