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September 2014

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources: Resource sharing allows park and recreation agencies to capitalize on the innovations, successful models, and best practices currently being utilized in the field. 

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July 2014

Shady Lane Park Revitalization

The revitalization of Shady Lane Park embraces the best of Parks Build Community by improving this important public space through park enhancements that honor the cultural roots and natural environment of this north Houston park.

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August 2014

NRPA Chats

NRPA Live Chats differ in style and substance from conventional education webinars. Within our live chats, the emphasis of the event is directly relaying commentary and analysis of specific pre-determined topics though interactive discussions lead by subject matter experts and professionals in the field.

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January 2013

Help Bring Parks to Every Child and Community

Help Bring Parks to Every Child and Community Do you have childhood memories of playing at your local park? Pretending the merry-go-round was a flying saucer, challenging your best friend to who could make it all the way across the monkey bars, or your first kiss on a park bench? It is through our local pa

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June 2014

10 Million Kids Outdoors

NRPA is working with the National Wildlife Federation’s 10 Million Kids Outdoors campaign. This initiative will propel us over the next three years toward a future when all kids spend time outside each day, creating a generation of happier, healthier, children with more awareness and connection to the natural world.

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January 2014

PRORAGIS, or Park and Recreation Operating Ratio and Geographic Information System, is a national database that allows park and recreation agencies to benchmark with others, develop program planning, and enhance overall community operations. Read More
April 2012

Recreation Fitness Worker Named One of Best Jobs

Recreation Fitness Worker Named One of Best Jobs

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September 2013

2014 Leisure Research Symposium Call for Abstracts

Leisure Research Symposium Call for Abstracts: The NRPA Leisure Research Symposium provides an international forum for scholarly exchange and discussion about leisure. The Symposium includes both theoretical and applied research that transcends disciplinary boundaries. 

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