Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain


by Posted on April 17, 2013

By: Ron Strickler, CPRP, Recreation Supervisor, Town of Ocean City, MD and Kayode Lewis, CPRP, Recreation Coordinator, Greenbelt Recreation, MD


Second in the Professional Development blog and v-log series, Ron Strickler, CPRP Recreation Supervisor in the Town of Ocean City, MD Recreation and Parks Department and Kayode Lewis, CPRP, Recreation Coordinator from Greenbelt Recreation in the City of Greenbelt, MD share what they personally gained from applying for and receiving the NRPA Fellowship and NRPA Diversity Scholarship in 2012. 


What was their big take-away from the experience?  

There is nothing to lose but everything to gain! 



From the lessons learned through the application process to the drive and determination the whole experience instilled, they say the NRPA Fellowship and Diversity Scholarship is something absolutely invaluable for a young professional looking to make their mark in the field of parks and recreation. 


Watch the video and hear about: 

  • The application process;
  • How they each leveraged the Fellowship and Scholarship into professional advancement;  and 
  • Why anyone considering applying should just GO FOR IT! 


 YPN-Professional Development-Blog-Series-2


Applications for the NRPA Fellowship and Scholarships are due Friday, April 26. If you want to just go for it, start your application today

What would earning the NRPA Fellowship or Scholarship mean to you?  What do you think about Ron and Kayode’s experiences and takeaways?  Leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter @NRPA_News and @YoungProf_NRPA .  You can also join the discussion by logging in and connecting with Young Professionals on NRPA Connect

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