Commit to Health Family Engagement MaterialsNRPA’s Commit to Health initiative supports the implementation of healthy eating and physical activity standards in park and recreation sites across the nation. By committing to health, park and recreation sites are providing children with healthier meals, educating them on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, offering enrichment activities and physical activity programs and working to reduce childhood obesity and health disparities. While children have access to healthier foods and increased physical activity opportunities at their park and recreation sites, it’s important that these same healthy concepts are reinforced in the home. Now you can provide additional resources to families and support these healthier habits at home!

How You Can Use These Monthly Resources

  • Email the monthly PDF document to parents of your participants
  • Embed the document in your pre-existing newsletters
  • Place the PDF document on your website or on your social media outlets for parents to download
  • Add your agency logo and personalize the documents with local events and programs
  • Add photos and videos showcasing your healthy eating and physical activity programs
  • Pull individual resources directly from the website and share as needed
  • Direct parents to the NRPA website for more healthy eating and physical activity resources

January: Healthy Cooking Techniques and Meal Preparation

Start the New Year off with the goal to make better food choices! Explore healthy cooking techniques, meal preparation and how to make healthier food choices for your family.

February: How Much Sugar is in Your Drink?

Celebrate National Heart Month by creating healthier habits at home! Explore how much sugar is in your favorite beverages and find healthier alternatives to reduce sugar consumption in your diet.

March: What’s Really in Your Meal?

How can you find hidden sugar and fats? Is there too much sodium in the products you are buying? Where can you find fresh and local produce? Use these resources to find healthier foods to serve to your family.

April: Grocery Shopping on a Budget

How can you provide healthy food for your family while sticking to your budget? Learn how to create shopping lists and where you can find healthy foods.

May: Proper Hydration in the Heat

Warmer weather is starting to set in—make sure your family is staying hydrated with non-sugary beverages. Learn how to find healthier alternatives this month.

June: Break a Sweat and Exercise as a Family

Summer is here—get outside and have fun exercising as a family! Kick off summer by learning new exercises you can do as a family, where you can exercise together as a family, and what type of intensity you should be exercising at!

July: Having Seconds? Think about Portion Control

Portions a problem? This month examine proper portion sizes of the essential food groups.

August: Make Sure you are Reading the Nutrition Fact Label

Do you know what’s in the food you’re putting on the table? Learn how to read a food label, examine serving sizes, and make sure you’re serving up something healthy. Find healthy alternatives for quick, healthy snacks for your kids!

September: Try new Recipes and Spices from around the World

This month take some time to learn about healthier cooking techniques. Cook as a family, try new spices and recipes, and enjoy mealtime together!

October: Shop Healthy, Shop Local

How can you provide healthy food for your family while sticking to your budget? Learn how to create shopping lists and where you can find healthy foods.

November: Make this Holiday Season a Healthy One

As the holidays approach it’s a good time to take a lot at portion sizes once again. Learn some tips to make the holidays healthier and not over-indulge in fatty and sugary foods.

December: Warm up this Winter with Physical Activity

It may be cold outside but there are still plenty of options to stay active as a family! Spend the winter being physically active and enjoy some bonding time together.

If you have additional resources that you think parents would find beneficial to increasing health at home please send them to Allison Colman.


NRPA would like to thank the National Recreation Foundation for their support of this initiative.



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