The positive benefits of local and regional park agency spending ripple through the economies of all 50 states and in the District of Columbia. On this page, learn how operational and capital spending at the local and regional parks in your state contributes to economic activity and employment.

The sum of the state-level impacts presented in the following charts does not equal the national-level estimates of nearly $140 billion in economic impact and almost 1 million jobs. This is not an error but instead reflects how the economic impact of local and regional parks spending is not contained within state borders. For example, if the fertilizer used on sports fields located at an Oklahoma City park was produced by a manufacturer in Arkansas, the value of that product production would not count as an impact on the Oklahoma economy and the study does not add this impact back into the estimates for Arkansas.


Economic Impact of Local & Regional Parks by State

Total Economic Impact by State

Per Capita Economic Impact by State

Jobs Created by Local & Regional Park Spending by State

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