Park and recreation agencies bring a wealth of opportunities to their cities, towns and counties that promote improved physical health, a lasting relationship with nature and a vibrant connection to every member of a community. Marketing and communications are at the heart of every successful program, campaign or event that park and recreation agencies host or administer. The more community members know about a local agency’s amenities and programming, the more likely they are to take advantage of those offerings.

Marketing and communicating what park and recreation agencies offer to a community is a significant challenge, especially in a competitive marketplace and often with limited resources. To learn more about how park and recreation leaders are facing these challenges and the strategies being implemented in the field, the NRPA Research team conducted a 24-question survey on the topic of marketing and communications at park and recreation agencies nationwide. This survey asked leaders about marketing and communications goals, their partners and the resources they tap. The survey generated more than 400 responses from agencies of all sizes throughout the United States, the data from which are the basis of this report.

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