Five Cutting-Edge Industry Monographs

NRPA presents five cutting-edge industry monographs by a team of expert researchers led by Distinguished Professor Dr. John L. Crompton of Texas A&M University.

The full Executive Summaries and Bios for each author are available below, in PDF format.

Godbey CoverThe Benefits of Physical Activity: The Scientific Evidence
Dr. Geoffrey Godbey and Dr. Andrew Mowen

In an era in which health costs have become the biggest single expenditure in U.S. society, the central importance of physical activity in preventing and improving a wide variety of health problems is now well understood. As this has happened, public park and recreation services’ central role in promoting and providing physical activity has been increasingly documented by scientific research.

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Crompton CoverMeasuring the Economic Impact of Park and Recreation Services
Dr. John Crompton

This monograph provides a hands-on guide for professionals so they can do economic impact studies that measure the economic return residents receive on park and recreation department investments. Park and recreation department personnel can do these studies in house at nominal cost in time and resources. Examples of how to effectively present the information to stakeholders are given.

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Ming CoverParks and Other Green Environments: Essential Comp. of a Healthy Human Habitat
Dr. Frances E. (Ming) Kuo

This monograph presents an overview of what scientists have discovered about the relationship between nature and human health, focusing on the most compelling findings. It focuses on three classic indicators of health drawn from animal research.

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Nowak CoverAir Quality Effects of Urban Parks and Trees
Dr. David J. Nowak and Dr. Gordon M. Heisler

This paper will explore how trees in cities, particularly in park settings, can improve air quality. It will discuss the current tree resources in cities in the United States, why each attribute of air quality is important to local residents, and how trees and parks can improve air quality in our cities.

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Witt Caldwell CoverThe Rationale for Recreation Services for Youth: An Evidence Based Approach
Dr. Peter A. Witt and Dr. Linda Caldwell

This monograph was written to assist park and recreation professionals and elected officials to better understand the important role of park and recreation services, facilities, and programs in the process of youth development.

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