American’s Broad-Based Support for Local Recreation and Park Services study takes an in-depth look at how Americans view their community’s park and recreation services. Examine these findings below. Read more.

Who Benefits from Local Parks?

The study finds that a large majority of Americans personally find value in local park and recreation services but they believe the benefits their community receives from these services are even greater.


Respondents Demographic Characteristics by Extent of Perceived Benefits Both Personally and to the Community from Local Park Areas


Are Parks Worth the Investment?

The study also finds that 4 in 5 Americans believe their local parks are well worth the average amount of $70 per person paid in local taxes every year with over 30% believing they are worth even more.


Respondent Demographic Characteristics by Local Recreation and Park Services Worth Less, More, or Exactly $70 Per Household Member Per Year.


Key Areas of Parks Focus

When it comes to determining what park or recreation areas should focus on, Americans agree health & wellness, conservation, and social equity should be at the top.


Importance of Priorities for Local Park and Recreation Agencies.


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