Three in four U.S. adults say they want to take actions to help their local community. Top actions people can take are cleaning up trash at a local park or trail; volunteering at a shelter, soup kitchen or farmers market; and donating money to provide opportunities for children to attend summer camp or afterschool activities. Additional opportunities for all ages to help the local community include planting trees, teaching classes to adults or youth, promoting park and recreation programs or events on social media, hosting community events, coaching youth sports, mentoring local youth and championing initiatives that support safe access to parks to local political leaders.

Key Findings:

  • 76 percent of U.S. adults say they want to take actions to help their local community.
  • Parents (85 percent) are more likely than non-parents (71 percent) and U.S. adults overall (76 percent) to say they seek ways to help their local community.
  • Millennials (82 percent) are the generation most likely to say they would consider taking actions to help their local community

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