Nearly every adult in the United States looks back fondly at a summertime activity or tradition they created in parks and recreation. For many, going to the beach or lake, the park or the playground are especially fun childhood memories. While for others, going to summer camp, hiking or playing sports sparks nostalgia.

Parks and recreation not only gives kids a fun place to create lifelong memories, but also offers working parents a safe and affordable option for childcare.   

Key Findings:

  • Ninety-three percent of U.S. adults say a summer activity from parks and recreation brings back happy memories.
  • More than half of all U.S. adults have a happy childhood memory from the beach or lake, park, and/or playground.
  • Parents are more likely than non-parents to say that going to the park (60 percent vs. 49 percent), playing on the playground (59 percent vs. 47 percent), camping (43 percent vs. 32 percent) and hiking in nature (41 percent vs. 33 percent) bring back fond memories.  


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