It is hard to think of summer and not have the image of a picnic, a pool or tree-lined trail come to mind. Americans turn to their local park and recreation agency as providers of fun, summer (and year-round) outdoor activities. Each of these activities provides people of all ages and abilities with opportunities to improve health, enjoy nature, or simply have fun with family and friends.

Key Findings

  • Americans’ top three outdoor recreation activities include:
    • Gathering with family and friends at the park (58 percent)
    • Going to the pool (48 percent)
    • Walking or hiking along a local trail (45 percent)
  • Parents are most likely than others to gather with friends and family at the park (68 percent vs. 58 percent), go to the pool (66 percent vs. 48 percent) and go camping (42 percent vs. 30 percent) as their favorite outdoor recreational activities.
  • Compared to Americans overall, millennials say gathering with family and friends at the park (62 percent), going to the pool (61 percent), and walking or hiking along trails (52 percent) are their favorite outdoor recreational activities.


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