Tourism often plays a huge role in the success and growth of park and recreation agencies. The same agency that keeps your child's playground well maintained down the street may also be drawing in thousands of people a year to walk through their botanical gardens. When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, waterfronts, nature & relaxation, walkability, and centers for culture and wildlife viewing are Americans’ go-to. It is no surprise that beaches and waterfronts lead the list of being important to vacationers. What might be surprising to those travelers is the number of vacation destinations run by local, county, and regional park and recreation agencies. 

Key Findings

  • Nearly half (46 percent) prefer vacation destinations that are secluded and relaxing
  • Millennials and Gen X’ers say destinations that offer recreation options for kids and adults are important (33 percent and 38 percent respectively)
  • Baby Boomers often look for areas with scenic views and wildlife (58 percent)


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