Many Americans experience varying degrees of seasonal depression when the shorter, often colder, days of winter hit. In fact, 80 percent of Americans actively seek out ways of preventing or lessening the “winter blues” in their own lives. Local parks and rec centers provide an excellent way to stay active and social year-round. Whether you prefer the great outdoors or staying warm inside this time of year, you are not at a loss for places to stay active. If learning and being social is more your blues buster, classes and experiences await you at the rec/community center. Contact your local parks and recreation agency for more information on what is available in your area so you do not just get through the winter, you thrive this winter!

Key Findings

  • 80 percent of American adults plan to do something to cope with the winter blues this season
  • Parents are significantly more likely to do something to cope with the winter blues opposed to non-parents (88 percent vs 76 percent)
  • 44 percent plan to surround themselves with family and friends
  • 32 percent plan to stay active by exercising indoors
  • 25 percent plan to stay active by exercising outdoors


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