Each season gives the public a new opportunity to enjoy their parks and recreation amenities. In many areas of the country this time of year, individuals and families look forward to annual stops at the pumpkin patch or farmers market for pumpkins and cider. Others look to escape the cold and head to the beach while still many others grab their skis and sleds to head for the snowy hills.  Wherever and whatever your favorite winter destination and activity may include, local park and recreation agencies will be continuing to bring you and your family lasting memories this holiday season.

Key Findings

  • Eighty-three percent of Americans would want to head outside for a winter/holiday destination
  • Local farms provide the top holiday destination with activities such as: pumpkin, tree, and/or other holiday decoration picking
  • One in three people want to visit the beach this holiday season to relax
  • Thirty percent of Americans look to the snowy hills of their local parks in winter for playing and sledding fun


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