The very philosophy of public parks and recreation is that all people—regardless of race, ethnicity, age, income level, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender or religion – can take advantage of quality programs, facilities, places and spaces that make their lives and communities great. Nearly nine in ten Americans say that it is important that their community offer inclusive play options and equipment for people of all abilities and needs at its playgrounds. Having playing options for those who are abled and differently abled in terms of physical and cognitive abilities is extremely or very important to 70 percent of Americans, especially parents.  Learn more about NRPA’s Parks for Inclusion initiative.

Key Findings

  • Eighty-eight percent of all Americans believe it is important for their community to offer inclusive play options for people of all abilities and needs at its playgrounds
  • Seven in ten Americans say having play options to accommodate all abilities is extremely or very important
  • More than 90 percent of parents believe communities should provide playground equipment to accommodate a full range of abilities


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