Americans love their pets, and many Americans demand nearly the same amenities in our communities for those furry family members as we do for children. As of 2018, fifty-five percent of local park and recreation agencies provide at least one dog park in their community- that’s one dog park per 41,500 people in the US. Pet-owners say they, their pet and their community benefits from this amenity. For dogs, these parks provide safe off-leash areas to run, play and socialize. For owners, this destination encourages them to get outside, be active and socialize with other owners.

Key Findings

  • 91 percent of Americans believe their community benefits from a dog park
  • 60 percent of Americans say that the top benefit of having a dog park in their community is that it gives pets a safe space to exercise off-leash
  • Nearly half of all Americans believe dogs having the ability to socialize with other dogs is a top benefit to having a community dog park
  • One in three Americans agree that community dog parks allow owners a chance to be physically active with their pet


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