November 2016: The benefits of eating a well-balanced diet are widely known, however, eating healthy on-the-go is sometimes a challenge. November’s Park Pulse poll finds that the majority of Americans want healthier food and drink options in public spaces — especially at vending machines and concession stands. These results may not be surprising but they do help bolster great campaigns like Commit to Health- which has improved access to healthy eating and increased physical activity for nearly 110,000 children.

Key Findings

  • Sixty-seven percent of Americans believe it is important that vending machines and concession stands in public spaces include healthy food and drink options
  • Millennials and Gen Xers are strong believers in accessing those healthy options (74 percent and 70 percent respectively)
  • Americans with children in the household are more likely than those without children in the home to feel it is important (73 percent vs 64 percent)
  • People of color show much higher support for the inclusion of healthy options in public spaces (Black 81 percent, Hispanic 74 percent) than non-minorities (White 63 percent)


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