Physical activity levels change for six in seven adults during the winter months in the United States. Nearly 60 percent of people are less active during the winter months while 28 percent of people are more active during this same time.

Parks and recreation centers are the perfect places to ensure your health and fitness goals are achieved. Local park and recreation agencies across the country offer year-round fitness classes, sports, trails and much more.

Key Findings

  • Eighty-six percent of adults say their physical activity level changes during the winter months
  • Fifty-eight percent of adults are less active during the winter months
  • Twenty-seven percent of adults are more active during the winter months
  • People who live in the Northeast, Midwest and South are less active than people who live in the West during the winter months
  • Thirty-five percent of parents are more active in winter while only twenty-four percent of non-parents are more active


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