Set Survey Goals

Key Actions

  • Decide what you need to learn from the survey
  • Identify the actions you would take based on the feedback you receive 

Having clearly defined goals is key to any successful customer feedback survey.  Set these goals as your first step and use them as the basis for every other decision you make during the survey process. Consider what you want to accomplish. Your list should be manageable with no more than three top-line goals.

The nature of these goals may vary greatly depending on the survey. Your survey may focus on an event such as a weekend festival or a cooking class.  You may want feedback regarding a suite of your offerings, e.g., events targeted to older adults or out-of-school time programs for your community’s youth. Perhaps the goal of the survey is gauging overall satisfaction with the amenities and programming your agency offers.

Ask yourself what you need to learn from the survey. Consider what actions you would take based on the survey results. For example, were participants in your agency-sponsored 5K race satisfied with the registration experience? Was there something about pre- or post-race festivities that may keep participants from signing up for another race? Was there something about the race course that detracted from participants’ experiences? Answers to these questions will guide changes you will make for the next 5K event.


Customer Feedback Survey: Define Goals


Step 2: Create The Survey

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Design a survey questionnaire so that responses provide you with actionable results. At the same time, participating in the survey should be a high-quality customer experience. Keep the questions (and the survey as a whole) short and to the point.

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Step 3: Conduct The Survey

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Identify the survey method that best suits your needs. Look for tips on how to achieve a high response rate.

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Step 4: Use The Data

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Use the feedback you receive both inside and outside your organization to improve your agency and its programming, as well as celebrate and broadcast successes.

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