Agency Performance Survey Now Open

October 1, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2018 October NRPA Update Agency Performance Review 410

The 2018 Agency Performance Survey is now open for you to input your NRPA Park Metrics data. The process has been streamlined to help you quickly update and easily keep your Park Metrics profile up to date.

When you add your agency’s data to NRPA Park Metrics, it becomes part of the most robust park and recreation agency performance database for our nation, allowing your agency and its peers to identify best practices and make informed strategic decisions for years to come. While benchmark data cannot, in and of itself, give you all the answers to the issues that may be vexing your agency, it does provide an information base from which you can make educated decisions. Use this data with your leadership, staff, external consultants and key stakeholders as you guide your agency into the future.

If your agency has not completed an Agency Performance Survey in recent years, it’ll take roughly 20 to 30 minutes to enter your data. Agencies that have entered their data in recent years can update their 2018 NRPA Park Metrics data in just a matter of minutes. The online survey form allows you to “push” prior year’s data into the current year’s form. After transferring this data, all you need to update are a few figures for the current fiscal year and you are done.

Regardless of your agency’s level of participation with NRPA Park Metrics, we encourage you to view the findings within the 2018 Agency Performance Review.