Are You Keeping Your Community Safe?

May 1, 2016, Department, by Hayley Herzing

As you recruit volunteers this season, it’s important to keep the children and community members with whom they will be working safe by performing a quality background screening. That’s why NRPA has partnered with the Background Investigation Bureau (BIB). NRPA members will gain immediate peace of mind knowing their volunteers and employees are being well-vetted using some of the most powerful and advanced background checks available.

BIB has a web-based, turnkey platform for screening volunteers, called Secure Volunteer. Individuals enter their own data, removing paper forms from the process. Secure Volunteer manages who has been screened and when, facilitates the approval process, provides a professional-grade screen and supplies approved volunteers with ID cards.

NRPA member, Edward Austin, CPRP, CPO, is the athletics superintendent for the Wake Forest Park, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department. His agency began working with BIB in 2014 and is very happy with their services. “Our previous provider of background screens was providing satisfactory service, but an opportunity to explore a more budget-friendly background screening company (located in our state) that promised the same type of service and accuracy that we were accustomed to was the first draw to BIB. Once we began discussions with BIB staff, it was evident that they were a good fit for our department’s needs. BIB’s implementation of secure technology allowed us to stop handling paper applications in-house and allowed our volunteers to enter their own information, from anywhere, via a secure link on our website. BIB’s Secure Volunteer program even sends annual reminders to our volunteers to ensure that our background screens are up-to-date. From our first inquiry, through staff training and throughout our experience with BIB, their staff has always been quick to respond to inquiries and very easy to work with.”

Why should NRPA members use BIB?


  • Online platforms means no paper forms
  • Tracking of who has been screened and when
  • Professional-grade screens (criminal hits always verified)
  • Inclusive pricing (no additional fees!)
  • Self-pay options
  • Options for employees and volunteers
  • Help with compliance
  • Credential ID cards
  • NRPA Members receive exclusive pricing on BIB’s Secure Volunteer background screenings 


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Hayley Herzing, NRPA’s Membership Programs Manager