BIB & NRPA: A Partnership to Help You Protect What Matters

Our partnership was created to help park and recreation agencies screen better. Dedicated to helping you protect what matters, BIB delivers quality screening at a fair price and with ease. BIB’s Secure Volunteer platform makes background screening volunteers easy by combining great technology with a quality screen. NRPA members will gain immediate peace of mind knowing that your volunteers and employees are well-vetted using some of the most powerful and advanced background checks available. 

Why NRPA Members Will Love BIB:

  • Online platforms = NO PAPER!
  • Screening: Tracking who and when
  • Professional grade screens (criminal hits always verified)
  • Inclusive pricing (no additional fees!)
  • Self-pay options
  • Options for employees and volunteers
  • Help with compliance
  • Credential ID cards
  • NRPA Members receive exclusive pricing on BIB's Secure Volunteer background screenings! *Prices vary by state and are inclusive of all county government access fees. 

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About Secure Volunteer

Secure VolunteerSecure Volunteer is a web-based, turnkey platform for screening volunteers. Volunteers enter their data, removing paper forms from the process. Secure Volunteer manages volunteer screening details, facilitates the approval process, provides a professional grade screen and supplies approved volunteers with ID cards. With Secure Volunteer, organizations screen better and quicker without sacrificing quality or breaking their budgets.

About BIB

BIB offers background screening with integrity. We screen, test and verify the backgrounds of your employees and volunteers. Clients love our responsive service and how we accelerate their speed to hire while reducing their costs. With BIB, you get reliable results and easy technology. We're good at what matters and have been since 1995. BIB is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and is NAPBS accredited.

NRPA Recommended Guidelines for Credentialing Volunteers

The National Recreation and Park Association has reviewed the resources of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and sought the counsel of recognized background screening experts to develop a set of Recommended Guidelines for Volunteer Background Screening in park and recreation settings. The goal of these recommendations is to make communities safe by advancing optimum volunteer management practices.

Please contact Hayley Herzing with any questions.


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