NRPA supports park improvements to ensure that people have inviting places to gather and enjoy the outdoors. These projects also increase opportunities for physical activity and active play, particularly in underserved communities. We work with our partners to provide assistance to help build or refurbish public spaces in parks such as playgrounds, ball fields, trails and picnic areas.

Some highlights of our work

Park Improvement Projects

Parks provide a safe place for communities to connect. Park improvement projects increase opportunities for physical activity, especially for historically marginalized groups in underserved areas.

With funding from the Target Corporation, NRPA has produced a series of animated videos that give an overview of the key steps to implementing park improvement projects.

Implementing Park Improvement Projects

Following the series of steps outlined in this video can help park and recreation agencies carry out park improvement projects.

Park Improvement Projects

Assessing the Needs of Your Community

Making sure all community members have a voice when starting a park improvement project is important. Learn about the benefits of involving the community and see the steps to develop a community engagement strategy in this video.

Community Assessments and Customer Service

Creating Inclusive Spaces in Parks and Recreation

Make sure your park and recreation facility is open, welcoming and engaging for everyone by using the best practices outlined in this video.

Equity and Inclusion

Sustaining Your Project: Grants and Budgets

Ensure your park improvement project can continue operating past the initial funding cycle using the tips provided in this video.

Grants and Fundraising

Collecting Data and Sharing the Story of Your Project

Share the information that conveys the impact and value your park improvement project brings to the local community through marketing and public relations using the steps in this video.

Marketing and Storytelling

Learn More with NRPA Resources

NRPA provides many ways to continue learning about the topics integral to successful park improvement projects. Find some sample resources listed by topic-area below. Also, search through Parks & Recreation magazine, NRPA’s flagship publication, for article on these topics and visit NRPA Connect to network with other park and recreation professionals online.

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