Join the movement and encourage your community to eat healthy and get moving with NRPA’s new nutrition literacy curriculum, Commit to Health: Foods of the Month.

The Commit to Health: Foods of the Month nutrition literacy curriculum is specifically designed for park and recreation agencies to implement at their sites. All of the materials are free and downloadable.

Foods of the Month Materials

Nutrition Literacy Curriculum

Food Security Resources

Assist your local park and recreation staff with increasing access to healthy foods and supporting positive food outcomes. The following customizable food security resources have been designed to aid in screening for food insecurity among those visiting your local park and recreation facilities, as well as to assist in enrolling these individuals in SNAP and WIC benefits to help ensure all members of your community have access to fresh, healthy foods.


Foods of the Month Facilitator's Guide

Explore the Commit to Health: Foods of the Month & Community and Home Gardening Facilitator's Guide to gain a better understanding of how to implement the curriculum into your out-of-school time programs.  The Facilitator's Guide will walk you through each of the materials included in the curriculum and provides best practices for implementation.

Download the Facilitator's Guide

Foods of the Month Calendar

Foods of the Month CalendarUse the Foods of the Month Calendar to plan your out-of-school time nutrition education activities for the entire year. Don’t forget to print the calendar and display it at your park and recreation sites!

Click here to download the Foods of the Month Calendar

Foods of the Month Curriculum

Month Foods of the Month
January Cruciferous Vegetables & Legumes
February Oils and Good Fats & Water
March Stems & Fish and Other Seafood
April Fresh Herbs and Spices & Salad Greens
May Eggs & Fresh Beans
June Berries & Peppers
July Tropical Fruits & Melons
August Stone Fruits & Summer Squash
September Whole Grains & Tomatoes
October Apples and Pears & Winter Squash
November Lean Meats & Root Vegetables
December Reduced Fat Dairy & Nuts

Summer Fresh Foods

Summertime provides a bounty of fresh, healthy foods. Use these resources to celebrate the flavors of the season, and to inspire your community members to eat local. 

Plant-Based Food Guides

The latest scientific research demonstrates that plant-based food diets prevent and/or reduce obesity, cardiovascular disease and inflammation. Use these resources at your park and recreation sites to share the benefits of plant-based eating behaviors and discuss alternatives to processed foods and animal proteins.

Commit to Health Poster

Commit to Health Poster


Have you joined NRPA’s Commit to Health campaign at your park and recreation site? Download this poster featuring all of the HEPA standards you’re implementing and promote the great work you are doing in your community!



Commit to Health Certificate

Download this certificate of completion as a fun reward for children after their participation in the Commit to Health: Foods of the Month nutrition literacy curriculum!

Click here to download the Commit to Health Certificate

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