Parks are essential to the physical, social, environmental, and economic health of a community—and cities nationwide. That’s why The Trust for Public Land, National Recreation and Park Association, and Urban Land Institute are leading a nationwide movement to ensure there’s a great park within a 10-minute walk of every person, in every neighborhood, in every city across America. We are especially conscious of reaching under-represented populations such as people of color, low-income individuals, LGBTQ community, individuals with physical/cognitive disabilities, and immigrants and refugees. Through a collective national voice, civic leader endorsement, and local action, the 10-Minute Walk Campaign aims to:

  • Support 150+ mayors (and counting) to publicly embrace the 10-Minute Walk Campaign
  • Increase and sustain funding for parks and recreation
  • Increase equitable park access and quality within a 10-minute walk of home
  • Build a network for support and technical assistance for parks and recreation and related professionals

As a lead partner, NRPA is sharing and will be developing additional research and resources to support park and recreation agencies and their partners to ensure everyone has a quality park within a 10-minute walk of home.

10-Minute Walk Planning Grant and Technical Assistance

With support from The JPB Foundation and an anonymous funder, NRPA will be offering grants and technical assistance to support planning efforts that help cities increase access to high quality parks within a 10-minute walk. The application opened on January 29.

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Join and Track the Campaign

Whether you're a park director, mayor or civic leader interested in signing on to the campaign, or a member of the media or a concerned citizen interested in learning more, our partner site will have the resources you need. This is also where you can find a current list of all the Mayors who have already made the commitment and track progess.




10-Minute Walk Campaign Framework

Goal 1 - Leadership

Demonstrate broad-based support for the 10-Minute Walk Campaign.

  • Lead - Publicly announce Mayor’s support for the 10-Minute Walk Campaign
  • Staff - Dedicate city staffing to the 10-Minute Walk Campaign
  • Partner - Create a coalition of cross-sectoral partners to support the Campaign
  • Represent - Engage the community to ensure all voices, including those historically under-represented*, are represented throughout the Campaign

Goal 2 - Planning, Policy, and Funding

Support incorporation of the 10-Minute Walk Campaign as a key and sustained planning and funding priority.

  • Assess – Establish and analyze baseline metrics for 10-minute walk park access and park quality, ensuring that data and analysis includes under-represented populations*
  • Prioritize - Identify priority areas and actions based on findings from your assess metrics and analysis
  • Formalize - Create equitable citywide policies that support achievement of the 10-Minute Walk Campaign
  • Plan - Incorporate 10-Minute Walk Campaign goals into citywide planning documents
  • Fund - Identify funding to sustain continued investment in parks, operations, programming, and connections

Goal 3 - Implementation

Increase the percentage of people living within a 10-minute walk of a high-quality park through enhanced funding, partnerships, and expertise

  • Activate – Program, and maintain parks to ensure quality, increase use, and support civic engagement for all people particularly under-represented populations*
  • Connect –Improve streets, sidewalks, trails, and other infrastructure to ensure safe connections to parks and to address barriers to access and use
  • Enhance – Redevelop and maintain parks to be high-quality spaces that reflect the spirit of the community and maximize health, environmental, and social benefits
  • Create – Build new parks, leverage existing public land, and support best land use around parks


*Such as people of color, low-income individuals, LGBTQ community, individuals with physical/cognitive disabilities, and immigrants and refugees

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