The Local Park Finder App

Looking for a new place to hike or run? How about a public pool or a facility that offers swim lessons? Or even just a place to go have a picnic with your family?

The Park Path app will help you easily discover and access the endless activities, programs, events and amenities at your local parks and recreation centers. Most people don’t know how much public parks and recreation centers actually have to offer. Park Path will guide you to a place to skate, take a fitness class, get CPR training, let your dog of leash, swim, play disc golf, bird watch, take golf lessons and so much more!

By downloading this free app and visiting your local parks or recreation centers, you are supporting the role parks and recreation plays in creating healthy and sustainable communities for all people.



  • Using GPS, find activities and programs offered near you or in a specific location.
  • Search for specific activities that interest you.
  • Use the map feature to easily locate parks and activities.
  • Get social - share your experiences and photos in the app feed or directly to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • Read park descriptions, see photos and videos, and even get directions.
  • Keep a list of your favorite parks and recreation centers.
  • See which parks offer parking, restrooms, Wi-Fi and many other important amenities.
  • See an issue at a park? Use the “reporting” feature to take a picture and share it with the park and recreation department.
  • New parks, recreation centers and activities are being added every day.





Share Your Brand through the Park Path App 

NRPA is offering the unique opportunity to promote your brand through the Park Path app. By sponsoring the app, you will show these park enthusiasts how you support the role parks and recreation plays in creating healthy and sustainable communities for all people.
Use this unique opportunity to reinforce your brand image and gain exposure to a far reaching consumer base, including:

  • NRPA’s 60,000 professional members.
  • 4,000+ park and recreation agencies in communities across the US.
  • Millions of active park and recreation users.

To find out more about this opportunity to sponsor the Park Path app, please contact Gina Mullins-Cohen at 703.858.2184 or


Get Your Agency's Park Data into the App

If you would like to add your agency and your parks into the app please complete the form below. We will contact you soon with details on how to get your data into the app.

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