NRPA is a collaborator with the Pool Safely campaign, a national education campaign from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC),  to promote the importance of water safety at park and recreation facilities nationwide. As a collaborator, NRPA encourages park and recreation professionals, along with parents, caregivers and children, to commit to be safer in and around the water.

Drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death among children ages 1-4; According to 2019 CPSC data, approximately 363 children tragically drown in pools and spas annually.

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Access the 2019 Drowning Report

This 2019 U.S. CPSC report shows that the number of reported fatal child drownings in swimming pools and spas involving children younger than five — the most vulnerable population — increased from last year’s report. There were 289 reported fatal child drownings in pools and spas in 2016 involving children younger than 5, compared to 262 reported fatal child drownings in pools and spas in 2015 involving children younger than 5.

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Take the Pool Safely Pledge

NRPA is asking park and recreation professionals, along with parents, caregivers and children to take the Pool Safely pledge. Specifically, kids will pledge to never swim alone, ask for swim lessons and stay away from drains. Adults will pledge to always designate a water watcher, learn CPR, ensure their kids know how to swim, remove portable pool ladders when not in use and make sure their pools have proper fencing, gates and drain covers. More than 75,000 adults and children, including 14 Olympians, have taken the Pledge to date.

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The Adventures of Splish & Splash

Encourage parents and kids in your community to download the new Pool Safely app to help kids learn the dos and don’ts of having fun around the pool!

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The Pool Safely Song

Staying safe around the pool only takes four simple steps and this song helps kids remember how easy it is.

For more information about how NRPA is involved in the Pool Safely campaign, contact Elizabeth Gonzales, NRPA Aquatics Program Specialist.

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