System-wide green infrastructure in parks plays a critical role in protecting communities from the harmful effects of climate change and enhancing community resilience, including providing shade, reducing localized flooding, and improving physical and mental health.

NRPA is working to ensure park and recreation professionals have the tools to communicate about, advocate for and standardize greener parks to improve community well-being, especially in communities facing environmental, health, economic and social injustices.


NRPA, in partnership with the Willamette Partnership, developed a suite of resources for park and recreation professionals and partners to address the inequitable climate-related health impacts and advocate for solutions.

Webinar Series

The Greener Parks for Health webinar series, hosted on NRPA’s online learning system, will highlight evidence, targeted messaging strategies, policy and funding mechanisms, and case studies to help you advance greener parks in your community. A recording of the webinar, presentation slides and other resources now are available to everyone:


NRPA, in partnership with the Willamette Partnership, conducted a review of the literature, policies and perceptions around parks, green infrastructure and health outcomes. While this research supports greener parks as a solution to advancing health outcomes, continued resource creation, messaging, investment and research is needed to support park and recreation professionals. Below are summaries of these research efforts:

Training the Field

NRPA signed on as a partner of Climate for Health, a program of ecoAmerica, to collaborate on and disseminate climate action tools, resources and communications to the park and recreation field. NRPA and ecoAmerica are adapting and delivering the Climate for Health Ambassadors Training to park and recreation professionals across the country. This training will empower professionals to speak and act confidently on climate change, its impact on health and solutions for their community.


Photo credit: Philadelphia Water Department

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