ePACT provides a secure software widely used by recreation organizations throughout North America. ePACT not only provides a secure, streamlined information collection for recreation organizations but also allows NRPA Members to redirect their focus towards programming. ePACT seamlessly integrates with a majority of registration systems, offering a comprehensive solution that handles all aspects post-payment. This includes streamlined communication tools and convenient check-in and check-out processes, providing a hassle-free experience for recreation organizations across North America. As a HIPAA-compliant online system, ePACT replaces traditional paper forms, waivers and consents for families participating in recreational programs, facilitating efficient data collection, management, and access to vital information to support your members.

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Why NRPA Members Will Love ePACT

  • ePACT is a cloud-based system designed to effortlessly and securely gather crucial information from families participating in your various programs.
  • Families enter their details just once, utilizing ePACT as a central repository for their records across multiple programs.
  • By transitioning from paper forms or long registration processes to ePACT, you can streamline administrative tasks, cut costs and simplify the lives of families, ensuring their well-being and ease in any situation. 
  • Stay informed on topics such as preparedness, safety and data security through ePACT’s blog and webinar resources

Member Benefit Details

ePACT's mission is to assist people and communities in various situations. We collaborate with community organizations, providing access to online records and communication tools to continually support families. Whether you're organizing programs, offering childcare for essential personnel or planning summer camps, we extend additional discounts on member fees and expedited setup times to meet your needs.

ePACT is here for you, taking care of everything tech-wise so you can focus on what matters most: your programming and community engagement.

  • NRPA Premier Members receive 50 percent off the setup fee.
  • NRPA Members receive 25 percent off the setup fee.

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