The Playground Maintenance Course is a one-day (6.25 hour) educational course that covers the following topics – an overview of playground safety standards and guidelines, playground owner responsibilities and maintenance discussions on playground equipment, surfacing and site items.

Why Host a Course?

  1. It is the most cost-effective way to train your staff in proper maintenance and repair techniques, hazard identification and much more.
  2. Opening registration to the public will turn your Playground Maintenance Course into a revenue generator.
  3. Hosting is as easy as securing a location, inviting participants, and partnering with an instructor. The Playground Maintenance Course is hosted in a classroom and includes an afternoon site visit to a local playground.

How to Host

  • Secure an instructor and confirm details including location, date and instructor fees. (A complete Host Handbook is available to assist you with planning. Request a copy by emailing
  • Once the instructor and course details are confirmed, fill out a course reservation form and send it to (Please specify if your course registration will be private or public because that will determine whether your course posts to our online classroom calendar or not). 
  • Order course manuals through the NRPA online store. Only course hosts may purchase course manuals. Once your course gets scheduled, you'll receive a direct web link to order course manuals.

Note that a Playground Maintenance Course Host Agreement must be signed and submitted annually to NRPA to host courses.

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