Animated Videos Explore Key Components of Park Improvement Projects

By Jennifer Fulcher-Nguyen | Posted on November 20, 2019

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Community members gather, children play, and people of all backgrounds and abilities connect in park and recreation settings. Projects designed to improve park and recreation spaces can ensure that they remain welcoming, safe and fun for everyone.

Installing splash pads, designing new play spaces and installing inclusive equipment can increase the opportunities for physical activity and social connection, especially for historically marginalized groups in underserved areas. As these spaces become more accessible, park and recreation professionals bring a renewed energy to their community.

NRPA, with funding from the Target Corporation, recently produced a series of animated videos that aim to help agencies and their staff successfully implement park improvement projects. This video series outlines the best practices to follow to ensure the long-term success of these projects.

The animated videos below provide helpful hints for creating successful plans, developing partnerships, ensuring funding, engaging the community, incorporating the right components for your community and sharing meaningful stories about your project. You can also visit the Park Improvements page to find other NRPA resources to help with your upcoming projects.

Watch the following five, 1-minute videos to explore the easy-to-follow steps of a successful park improvement project:

Jennifer Nguyen is NRPA's Communications Manager.