Nomination Counts: Winning a National Award Advanced My Career

By Thomas Venniro | Posted on February 28, 2014

Did I ever expect to win a National Award? I guess not; but I would have never known or had the chance if someone did not take the time to nominate me.

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MWR Internships Provide Fresh Look at Career Opportunities

By Jason Tryon;John Prue;Samantha Bartram | Posted on February 21, 2014

Internship opportunities for young park and recreation professionals abound in the world of Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), even if you don’t have your sights set on a career serving the military.

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“Parke Diem”— Mobilizing Grassroots to Support Your Parks

By Nick Hardigg | Posted on February 13, 2014

In the February issue of Parks & Recreation (“Seizing the Day”), we shared the story of “Parke Diem” — a grassroots campaign for volunteering and raising awareness of park needs. We built a citywide coalition of 50 park-supporting groups for two days of stewardship.

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And Action!

By Will Lebzelter | Posted on February 11, 2014

Learn how park and recreation pros can easily start to incorporate videos into regular communications.

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Color, But No Diversity

By Samantha Bartram | Posted on February 4, 2014

As we put our February issue to bed, those of us at Parks & Recreation Magazine pondered our colorful cover, meant to illustrate the excitement of adult sports trends. Our graphic designer Matt Brubaker pointed out, “even with all that color there is a lack of diversity.

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Welcome to Open Space

By Roxanne Sutton | Posted on February 3, 2014

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” This quote by William Pollard, might seem like a lofty quote to describe the process of rebranding a blog.

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