Survey: Parks Are Essential, Especially During the Health Crisis

(April 9, 2020)

Local parks, trails and open spaces are needed now more than ever for mental and physical health

Ashburn, Va. (Apr. 9, 2020) — Five in six adults say exercising at local parks, trails and open spaces is essential to maintaining their mental and physical health during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a newly released National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) poll. Popular activities to participate in while keeping a proper physical distance include walking, jogging, hiking and biking.

"Local park and recreation agencies provide safe spaces where people can find respite and get exercise, while maintaining physical distancing guidelines during this crisis,” said Kevin Roth, NRPA’s vice president of research, evaluation and technology. “Park and recreation leaders are working with local public health officials to keep neighborhood parks and trails open whenever possible, so residents can use them safely. We advise all park users to follow CDC and local health department guidance, including observing at least a six-foot physical distance from other persons at all times."

More than half (59 percent) of survey respondents say it is very or extremely essential to exercise in parks and green spaces to relieve stress and remain healthy during this crisis.

Numerous studies show there are physical and mental health benefits to spending time in green spaces, but per public health officials nationwide, adherence to physical distancing is a must to combat the spread of COVID-19. On March 26, 2020, NRPA published a blog, What Does #PhysicalDistancingInParks Look Like? to demonstrate how everyone must work together to ensure parks and green spaces remain open, accessible, welcoming and inclusive to all people during this time. Additionally, NRPA produced infographics, COVID-19: Physical Distancing in Public Parks and Trails and Tips for Physically Distancing in Parks, which are available, along with additional resources to help park and recreation agencies and the public during this crisis, at

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