Safe Routes to Parks is NRPA’s campaign to implement environmental, policy, and program strategies that create safe and equitable access to parks for all people. These strategies align with the goals of the 10-Minute Walk campaign and are great tools and resources to increase access and safe walking connections to parks.  

Action Framework

Safe Routes to Parks Action FrameworkThe NRPA Safe Routes to Parks Action Framework  provides professionals with a “how-to” guide to implement Safe Routes to Parks strategies. 

NRPA is currently piloting this framework with ten communities, learn more about those projects here

Resource Guide

The NRPA Safe Routes to Parks Resource Guide is intended to provide professionals (park and recreation and their allied professionals) with resources to support the implementation of the Safe Routes to Parks Action Framework. Under each section of the framework, links to relevant resources are listed as well as a brief description of their contents. These resources include toolkits, assessments, online tools, case studies, and more and were developed by NRPA, partner organizations, and leaders in the field.

Complementary Comprehensive Frameworks

Applicable to all phases of the Safe Routes to Parks initiatives and can be used as a complement to the framework and your desired outcomes.


Partner with community organizations and community members during all stages of the process.


Understand community priorities based on data and community input.


Develop priority areas, set goals and specific actions, identify policy improvements, and integrate into agency and jurisdiction plans and policies.


Put plans into action and ensure that those actions are based on best practices in engineering, design and programming.


Ensure that efforts are continued, integrated into agency functions and are positively affecting the community.

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