At the foundation of NRPA's research agenda is a commitment to provide more relevant information and services to members. As such, NRPA disseminates research that supports informed decision making, provides insightful analysis, and testifies to the value of park and recreation services.

To gain a better sense of NRPA's current research agenda, please explore the following items:


NRPA places great importance on research to understand and improve various aspects of the park and recreation field. Research is vital to ensure park and recreation professionals have the resources to make informed decisions. At NRPA, the development of current research via empirical studies and literature reviews for our members is a key priority. NRPA's Research Papers provide analysis on various topics.

Research FAQs

NRPA's Research Frequently Asked Questions are common research related questions asked by park and recreational professionals and the general public. The questions are wide-ranging from general to specific questions on parks and recreation that can be answered through several of the services that we provide to our members.


PRORAGIS, originally launched by NRPA in January 2011, is an online management tool designed specifically for public park and recreation agencies. Participating agencies are asked to submit data relevant to their programming, maintenance, budgeting, and many other essential functions. Not only is the collection of data a resource for conducting critical research but the NRPA online database tool can be used to create agency-specific performance and benchmarking reports. As NRPA continues to add profiles to its inventory, the database will offer even more information, data and reporting capabilities!