SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies & Recreation EducationSCHOLE is the official refereed publication of the National Recreation and Park Association in cooperation with Sagamore Publishing. The Journal aims to disseminate knowledge related to park and recreation courses, curricula, and teaching. Articles address a wide range of issues concerning graduate and undergraduate education.







SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies & Recreation Education Archives


  • Volume 31: Creating the Future We Wish to See, Research to Practice, Bridging Differences into Strengths


  • Volume 30 : Careers in Sports Management, Learning How to Teach Poverty, Words Matter


  • Volume 29: College and Community Partnerships, Are Posters Worth the Paper They are Printed On?


  • Volume 28: Sport Management as a College Major, The EDGE of Learning, Intentional Language and the Power of Metaphor


  • Volume 27: The Value of a Master’s Degree to Recreation Professionals, Going Global, Disability Simulations


  • Volume 26: Evidence-Based Practice, A “Major” Learning Community Model in Action, Teaching Accessibility Standards


  • Volume 25 : Team-Based Learning, Experiential Learning 2.0, Nurturing the EcoID in You, Backward Design


  • Volume 24: Perceptions of Ethical and Unethical Behavior in Recreation Research, Event Management, Learner-Centered Teaching


  • Volume 23: Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler, Reflections on Inter-Species Parasitism, Accreditation and Educational Quality


  • Volume 22: Building Critical Thinking, Documenting Teaching Effectiveness, Keys to Teaching Recreation Marketing


  • Volume 21: Internships in Leisure Services, The Risk Management Exercise, Object Oriented Learning


  • Volume 20 : Experiential Learning Activities, Camp Fairs, Using Wheelchair Simulations to Teach About Inclusion


  • Volume 19: Travel Education, Creating an Environment for Online Courses, Students’ Attitudes Toward Computer Technology


  • Volume 18: Lessons Learned, The Art and Politics of College Teaching, The Truth about Subjectivity in Research


  • Volume 17: Intergenerational Education Programs, Responding to the Call for Curriculum Reform, Exploring Cultural Diversity


  • Volume 16: Methods for Conducting Complex Service-Learning Projects, Portfolio Advising, Risk Management


  • Volume 15: Rethinking Philosophy of Leisure, A Professor’s Life, Evaluative Research, Teaching Through Creative Writing


  • Volume 14: How Healthy is Your Curriculum?, Service Learning, Addressing Diversity in Leisure Studies


  • Volume 12: New Directions in Resource Recreation Management, Cooperative Learning, Teaching Students with Disabilities


  • Volume 11: Benefits of Leisure Courses, Undergraduate Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Education, Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness


  • Volume 10: Leisure in a Diverse Society, Mentoring to Enhance the Academic Experience


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