NRPA Partnerships

NRPA partnerships create impact at the community level by leveraging the important role of parks and recreation on conservation, health and wellness, and social equity with the support of national, regional, and state organizations and initiatives.

Encompassing 105,000 local parks throughout rural areas, suburban neighborhoods, and urban centers across the United States, parks and recreation affects innumerable aspects of an individual's and community's quality of life.  Overseeing the largest assemblage of public lands and community centers nationwide, parks and recreation touches the lives of more than 300 million people each year.

Our Focus

Through generous support from our partners and donors, NRPA ensures that all Americans benefit from connection to nature, opportunities to improve health, and access to the programs and places that improve the quality of life. NRPA focuses its efforts in three areas:

  •  Conservation  
    • Connecting children to nature
    • Enhancing trails and natural areas
    • Providing wildlife habitat 
  • Health & Wellness 
    • Preventing chronic disease
    • Expanding healthy nutrition
    • Increasing physical activity
  • Social Equity
    • Creating opportunities for all
    • Building community unity
    • Ensuring accessibility and inclusion

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to work nationally, community by community, to support programs and initiatives that create lasting impact. Leveraging the support of our partnerships with the ability of local parks and recreation to improve lives, NRPA makes a difference every day. 

NRPA is proud to partner with a larger number of organizations, including national non-profits, state and regional foundations, and international corporations. Interested in learning more about partnering with NRPA? Download our Partnership Opportunities brochure or contact Shelley O'Brien at 703.858.2156.