Journal of Leisure Research (JLR)Innovative, timely, and respected, the Journal of Leisure Research (JLR) has published original research to advance the field of leisure studies since 1968. JLR is scientific in content and nature, focusing on conceptual and methodological advances and questions. JLR is published five times annually. JLR is an official publication of the National Recreation and Park Association.







Journal of Leisure Research (JLR) Archives


  • Volume 48 : Social Stratification in Fishing Participation, Family-Based Nature Activities, Beyond Bingo


  • Volume 47: Time Perspective in Leisure Choices, Family Leisure, Urban Parks and Sense of Community


  • Volume 46 : Youth Time Outside, Agrileisure, Declining National Park Visitation, Playfulness in Adulthood


  • Volume 45: No Child Left Inside, Engendering Wilderness, Outdoor Program Administration


  • Volume 44: Paper/Pencil Versus Online Data Collection, Changes in Visitors' Environmental Focus, Decentring Work


  • Volume 43: Rurality in Leisure Research, Greenways as Green Magnets, National Park Agency Responses to Declining Visitation


  • Volume 42: Alleviating Park Visitation Constraints, Innovation Among Older Adults, Why Hiking?


  • Volume 41: Leisure as a Context for Justice, The Emergent Working Society of Leisure, The State of Leisure


  • Volume 40 : Obesity-Stigma as a Constraint to Leisure, Urban Park Geography, Welfare Measurement Convergence


  • Volume 39: Culture and Leisure Constraints, Leisure Meanings Inventory, Last Child in the Woods


  • Volume 38: Leisure life in Later Years, Transnationalism and Leisure, Negotiating Time and Space for Serious Leisure


  • Volume 37 : Using Leisure Services to Build Social Capital, Gender and Leisure, The Impact of Greenways


  • Volume 36: Visualizing Leisure, Apartheid in the Great Outdoors, Leisure Expenditures of Households


  • Volume 35: The Hunter's Aim, Gender Equity in the Context of Organizational Justice, Hiking Alone


  • Volume 34: Leisure Identities, Interracial Couples' Experience of Leisure, Reality Testing


  • Volume 33: Gender Equity in Public Parks and Recreation, Impact of Parks on Property Values, Leisure Participation


  • Volume 32: Participation in Leisure Activities, Impact of Immigration, Leisure, Diversity and Social Justice


  • Volume 31: Leisure and Family, Functionalist Approach to User Fees, Leisure, Environmental Justice


  • Volume 30: Leisure as Multiphase Experiences, Gender Equity, Wildland Recreation


  • Volume 29: Critique of Leisure Constraints, Economic Benefits of Mountain Biking, Patterns of Family Recreation


  • Volume 28: Class Polarization and Leisure Activity Preferences, Measuring Leisure Motivation, Leisure or Work?


  • Volume 27: The Social Aspects of Leisure, Leisure and Identity Formation, Economic Valuation of an Urban Recreation Park


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