NRPA Premier Membership: The Gift of Professional Development for Staff

November 30, 2023, Department, by NRPA

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NRPA Premier Membership offers something for everyone on your team. Whether they want to network, learn more about research and best practices, or explore advocacy, their NRPA membership is there to help. By gifting your staff NRPA Premier Membership, you give them the opportunity to participate in professional development offerings to help them advance their career.

NRPA Premier Members can take advantage of group certification discount packages. This provides your employees with the opportunity to earn the CPRP and/or CPRE certifications at a discounted rate.

By taking advantage of the group certification discount packages, you are showing your employees that you value them and your agency’s overall success. Aside from the monetary value your agency will receive, the package discount encourages your team to apply, study and test together for the certification. Study materials, such as the CPRP Study Guide, CPRP Practice Exam and Management of Park and Recreation Agencies text, also are included at a discounted rate.

NRPA Premier Members also have access to the NRPA Virtual Learning Subscription for members, which includes 12 prescheduled learning events (one per month) with free access to archived 2023 subscription events throughout the subscription year. The subscription includes eight Virtual Talks and four Virtual Sandboxes. Each Talk is worth 0.1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU), for a total of 0.8 CEU for the full subscription.

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