City of Globe Community Center Pool Revitalized

November 30, 2023, Department, by Joshua Albertson

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For nearly 10 years, the City of Globe (Arizona) Community Center Pool was empty. In 2014, the pool was closed due to continuous water loss and mechanical components that were at the end of their useful life. The concealed concrete gutters had failed along with the perimeter piping. The pool basin was in major disrepair, and the facility did not have a working filtration system.

For many years after its closure, discussions took place about making repairs. As discussions proceeded about how the swimming pool would be best used, city residents began expressing their opinions on the types of features they would like to see. Based on that feedback, the city realized the pool needed a complete overhaul to accommodate the growing population and particular needs. Following a major renovation, the pool reopened on June 2, 2023.

Through the renovation, the pool’s square footage doubled in size, and many amenities were added, including a splash pad, zero-entry area, new decking, a heater to lengthen the swim season, a moving bulkhead to allow competitive swimming and a community center that would host additional programming. The new aquatics components will not only extend the life of the pool by many years, but also save the city time and money in annual maintenance and allow for additional programming. The features include:

Stainless-steel perimeter pool gutter system – The new gutter system was the most economical solution for this project because it provides consistent skimming along the pool water surface, and the perimeter supply tube removes the need for traditional perimeter piping. The city also included automatic surge control weirs within the gutter system, which keep the pool water circulating when not in use, thus eliminating the need for its existing surge tank.

Vacuum sand filtration system – Since the new perimeter pool gutters incorporated automated surge control weirs, the need for a surge tank was eliminated, and the footprint for the vacuum sand filtration system was automatically created since the filter room was positioned along the deep end of the swimming pool. With this setup, no additional excavation around the area was needed. The water is clear, and constant maintenance is no longer required.

PVC membrane – The pool basin was in extremely poor condition but was ultimately saved with a reinforced PVC membrane in addition to the extensive repairs. The membrane is a flexible layer of PVC with a strong inner core of polyester mesh fabric that is custom cut, fitted and bonded onsite to ensure a completely watertight pool surface. With the installation of the PVC membrane, the city will never have to worry about re-plastering or fixing chipped paint again, avoiding the expensive cost of yearly maintenance and the threat of a patron suffering an injury. The membrane also was installed on the new splash pad, which will give kids a much softer and slip-resistant surface to play on.

Moving pool bulkhead – During the pool’s extended closure, the Piranha Swim Team did not have a place to meet. With the addition of a moving pool bulkhead, the pool can now be adjusted for multiple course lengths and be used for multiple programs simultaneously. Not only does the Piranha Swim Team have a place to practice and hold competitions, but also the city is now able to offer additional programming opportunities to its residents.

The City of Globe Community Center Pool has been revitalized to its fullest potential and will welcome families and competitive swim teams for years to come.

Joshua Albertson is Sales Manager for Natare Pools.