Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2020, September

August 20, 2020, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

Parks Recreation Crossword 410

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   1 Protective covering during the pandemic, 2 words

   5 Golf score

   8 Gifted foresight, leader’s quality

   10 Large numbers of people massed together: to be avoided during the pandemic

   12 Incomes

   16 Large, white bird that is an inhabitant of many parks

   19 Fall back, as a tide

   20 Get the better of

   21 Change to survive

   22 Playful river creature

   24 Common sign off in the COVID-19 world, “stay ___”

   26 ____ of the environment, open spaces and parks (caretakers)

   28 Distance of a surfboard, approximately, 2 words

   30 Baby barn bird

   31 Government assistance

   32 Ensure the survival of, for the long-term

   33 Blue space above



  1 Act of goodwill

  2 Savings accts., abbr.

  3 Cow sound

  4 Therefore

  5 Dog’s foot

  6 Tree juice

  7  Shape of a rainbow

 9 Frozen liquid

 11 Start again after a crash

 13 Through, on a route

 14 Tennis court barriers

 15 __ 40 band

 16 Several reps, in the weight room

 17 Aquatic fun, 2 words

 18 Had a snack

 20 Slow-growing evergreen shrubs

 21 Helps

 23 It’s in a rose shape and worn as a badge of honor

 25 Omnivores who raid chicken houses and trash cans

 27 Greek salad ingredient

 29 Beach basking result