Editors Address April Article

May 21, 2020, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2020 June For the Record Editors Address April Article 410

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In the April 2020 issue of Parks & Recreation, an article was published, titled “Weathering the Storm,” that detailed the work of Greenprint Communities and its green stormwater infrastructure investments in partnership with the city of Youngstown, Ohio, and cited Mill Creek Park as a case study. Following its publication, Parks & Recreation received notice from a staff member of Mill Creek MetroParks that information presented regarding the park system was inaccurate and that Mill Creek MetroParks is not associated with the groups mentioned in the article. The author of the piece responded with clarifying information, stating that “Mill Creek MetroParks is a separate political subdivision of the state of Ohio and their financial and infrastructural status is unrelated to Youngstown.” However, it was determined that the information presented did lead to inferences of misinformation. Therefore, an editorial decision was made to remove the article from our online archives. The Parks & Recreation team strives always to provide factual stories containing precise supporting information and hope this notification helps to rectify the narrative by making clear the true nature of the situation regarding Mill Creek MetroParks and Greenprint Partners’ relationship to the green stormwater infrastructure investments in Youngstown. — Ed.