Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2020, August

July 23, 2020, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

Parks Recreation Crossword 410

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    1  City famous for its Riverfront Pavilion

    5  Park and Recreation month

    8  Land of the brave and free

    9  Like the sun in a clear sky

   10  We need to move away from best practices and embrace ___ practices

   12  Time when most parks are closed

   14  With competence

   17  College email address ending

   18  Full of foliage

   19  Robins and swallows

   21  Begin blooming

   22  Gradation of color

   23  Large stones

   26  Popular virtual application which brings people together

   28  Cost of entry, e.g.

   30  Deliberate destruction of property

   32  Internet address type

   33  Managed

   34  Take a little drink

   36  Mandatory wear during the pandemic

   37  Kind of knot



    1  It’s used for watering lawn areas

    2  Ancient

    3  Key action in the post-pandemic world

    4  CPR giver, abbr.

    5  Shrub with blue berries

    6  Finish, with “up”

    7  Not strict

    11  Sanitary measures

    13  Student score (abbr.)

    15  Include

    16  Landscaping plant

    19  Sound made by pollinators

   20  Wedding vow, 2 words

   24  Pine-forest finds

   25  Night sky features

   27  Pizazz

   28  ____ bumps: replacing handshakes

   29  Sweeping story

   30  Lively energy

   31  Musical note

   35  Measure of acidity