Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2019, September

September 1, 2019, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

After completing the puzzle, click here to check the answers to the crossword. The winners will be randomly selected and notified September 30, 2019.

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    1  Exercise program goal

    5  Not part of an urban area

    8  Started a campfire

    9  Overall purposes

  10  Wet ground

  11  Little League arbiter, abbr.

  13  Rugged rock

  15  Fun activities – can serve as educational aids

  18  Depend

  20  Royal Academy, for short

  21  Comparison suffix

  24  Setting for the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, abbr.

  26  Distinctive theory

  28  Cold-weather phenomenon

  29  Haven

  31  Like plants that are natural to a region

  33  NRPA’s new CEO, Kristine ______

  34  Redwood or oak, e.g.

  36  Parks communicate the value of our natural _____



    1  When the leaves turn brown

    2  One-on-one educator

    3  Get involved with

    4  Gifts for kids you can find at the NRPA Annual conference

    5  Start up again

    6  Runs playfully, like many kids in parks

    7  Energy-saving type of light

  12  Portland’s state

  14  Hot Springs National Park is in this state

  16  Water body

  17  Vermont town awarded grant funding for the 10-Minute Walk

  19  Dieter’s measurement

  20  50-yard dash is one

  22  Make a comeback

  23  __ __ rule (usually)

  25  Different as people from different countries and backgrounds

  26  Like some soccer games

  27  Denali for one

  30  Enjoyed a bench

  32  Dry run

  35  Stylish