Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2019, June

June 5, 2019, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

After completing the puzzle, click here to check the answers to the crossword. The winners will be randomly selected and notified June 28, 2019.

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1. Protects from the sun

4. Colored part of a flower

8. Shaft of sunlight

9. College website ending

10. Recently retired NRPA president and CEO, first name

12. Places for rare or endangered wildlife, in environmental science

14. Felled tree segment

16. East River Park locale, abbr.

18. Inclusion of different races and genders

21. Show to the public

22. Indoor game that can be played outdoors in parks

23. Source of solar power

24. Check around for the best provider prices

25. Colors

26. Arranged

27. Historically significant building

28. Rowboat need

29. “Don’t give up!”

30. “___ sky at night, shepherd’s delight”

31. Golf shot

32. Belt of parks or rural land surrounding a city


1. Covering a wide area

2. Sky color

3. Go out as a tide

4. Equipment for kids

5. Hiking or biking path, now being used to link diverse communities

6. Airline, abbr.

7. Stretched out

11. Bringing back to life and activity

13. Whirlpools

15. Available to the public

17. Musical event sometimes performed in parks

19. Frozen pool surface

20. Sure!