NRPA Connect Hot Topics

October 1, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

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The NRPA Annual Conference wasn’t the only place buzzing with hot topics in the field. NRPA Connect has more than 61,000 park and recreation professionals discussing the latest news. Take a sneak peek below of what is trending this month:

1. Memorial Plaques and Gardens – Agencies are often approached with requests for memorial plaques, benches and trees in the park in dedication to loved ones. What policies and procedures do NRPA members currently have in place for their memorial areas? One idea is an entire garden dedicated as a memorial.

2. Professional Credentials – Did you know that CPRP and CPRE are ranked first and second as the most possessed professional certifications offered by NRPA? What do you think is keeping your colleagues from earning a professional certification? Share your experience with becoming a certified professional or what is holding you back from obtaining a certification.

3. Field Fees for Little Leagues – Do you charge Little Leagues to use your municipal fields? Do you charge a light fee or just field fees? Your colleagues are finding that their Little Leagues are saying we are charging too much for fields, so they would like to see what is being done by other agencies.

4. Movie in the Park Screens – Movies in the park are always a popular event and a reoccurring hot topic among NRPA members. One member is looking for recommendations for screen that are sturdy but also easy to set up and take down. What type of screens does your agency use to host this popular event?

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