Parks & Recreation Crossword: 2018, December

December 7, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

Parks Recreation Crossword 410

Test your park and recreation knowledge and download NRPA's monthly crossword puzzle!

After completing the puzzle, click here to check the answers to the crossword. The winners will be randomly selected and notified December 31, 2018.

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    1  Increasingly popular type of dog park, 2 words

    5  Easter hunt topic

    9  Birch bark craft

  10  Something which adds fun, comfort or pleasantness to a park

  11  Creeping plant

  12  Getaways

  14  "Les ___" - nickname of a popular book and film

  16  Steady destruction of a coastline, for example

  19  Back portion of a beach

  20  Copy

  21  Billions of years

  23  Attire for the Grand Marshal

  24  Shoreline

  28  Burger bread

  29  Set a goal

  30  Ballot initiatives which can be started to gain park funding

  32  It's better fresh

  34  Curve in a river

  35  Place for Fido to run around and play! - 2 words



    1  Pretty and delicate flower

    2  Ornate, like a peacock's tail

    3  It's a health need for dogs and owners

    4  What park designer has to play around with

    6  Catch sight of

    7  Blue stuff up above

    8  Seashore area

  13  Half

  14  State where the Ozark Scenic Riverways flow

  15  Utah's first National Park

  16  Org. protecting the environment

  17  Bring back to former condition and healthy condition, as beaches

  18  Operating

  20  National assoc. of beach and coastal practitioners, abbr.

  22  Urban planner's concern

  24  Reduce, as a budget

  25  Reindeer boss

  26  "My country" follower

  27  Shallow place in a river allowing walkers to cross

  28  Audubon Society creature

  31  BBQ serving

  33  State that boasts Glacier National Park, abbr.