More Leadership-Themed Sessions at Conference

May 1, 2017, Department, by Tom Crosley

2017 May NRPAUpdate More Leadership Themes 410

We’ve all seen the inspirational posters; perhaps you’ve got one hanging in your office. You know the ones with a soaring eagle that say: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” (John C. Maxwell). Or, my favorite (with maybe two soaring eagles): “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” (John F. Kennedy). The fact is we can’t seem to get enough information about the tools of effective leaders. When we asked what kind of sessions you wanted more of at the 2017 NRPA Conference, you replied, “We want more leadership-themed sessions!” We heard you, and this year’s Conference in New Orleans will feature more leadership- and management-themed sessions (34) than any other discipline. Here are just a handful of great ideas you can take away from this leadership-focused education lineup:

Leadership Development: Understanding Leadership Across Generations
This training session is designed to equip participants with the tools they need to create and revive a healthy multigenerational workplace. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to lead, analyze and create healthy multigenerational workplaces. Speakers: Dietrich Williams, Tiffany Johnson

Build a 21st Century Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Work Environment at Your Agency Today
Much like work/life balance, most park and recreation agencies miss the mark with diversity and inclusion. This work session with facilitated discussion and best- and leading-practice sharing will leave participants energized and ready to begin a journey to building inclusive language and behaviors into their key daily functions. From tough discussions on diversity to program planning, we will tackle specific ways to move diversity and inclusion initiatives to full integration in your agency. Speaker: Boe Carlson

If You’re Happy & They Know It:
Happy Staff! Positive Psychology & Authentic Leadership
Unlike traditional psychology that looks at what is wrong and attempts to correct it, positive psychology examines what is right and works on enhancing it. As leaders, this is what we attempt to do with our employees as well. Combining principles of positive psychology, authentic happiness and authentic leadership, this session will explore individual happiness, how happiness is tied to how we lead and how we can purposefully incorporate positive, authentic leadership into our everyday lives. Speaker: Michael Bork

CAPRA Accreditation: You Can Do It!
The benefits of CAPRA Accreditation are well documented (validation! excellence! improved efficiency!), but let’s be honest, meeting 151 standards sounds intimidating. Does your organization have the resources to accomplish such a colossal task? YES! We liken it to eating an elephant. How do you do it? By taking one bite at a time. This session will provide tools and tactics to start and finish the accreditation process, set a reasonable timeline and keep your team engaged by keeping it fun. Speaker: Shauna Lewallen

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Conference Program Committee, staff, Local Host, speakers and conference volunteers, you’ll certainly leave the 2017 NRPA Annual Conference with a great story, a new friend and a great poster-worthy quote. However, the most wonderful takeaway from Conference is inspiration — the catalyst of positive change in both your career and with your home agency. Hope to see you in New Orleans.

Tom Crosley is NRPA’s Senior Manager of Education.