Stunning Shade Systems Canopies Highlight New Waterfront Park

December 6, 2017, Department, by Shade Systems

2017 December Imagination Guide Shade Systems 410

Shade Systems is proud to have provided the shade structures at Sullivan Park for the city of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Once an isolated and underutilized 3-acre waterfront site, Sullivan Park was recently revitalized into a vibrant Intracoastal recreational area that’s accessible by car or boat.

To attract attention to the exciting new park, Shade Systems, Inc. (Ocala, Florida) worked with landscape architects Kirk Olney and Randy Hollingsworth of Bermello Ajamil & Partners, to produce a network of multifunctional canopy systems, creating a dramatic visual focal point on the waterfront.

The monumental Rivergum Green and Desert Sand shade structures above the playgrounds and picnic area contribute to the impressive view, framing spectacular viewpoints of the park from the water as well as the roadways, while also providing visitors with much needed shade shelter from the heat and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Parents and children alike love the presence of colorful shade canopies above the playgrounds and seating areas that provide cooling comfort and shade, allowing them to enjoy more time in the park in the summer sun.

The visual appeal and smart functionality of Shade Systems structures share dual importance. The shade canopies keep playground and seating areas cool. Playground equipment exposed to direct sun can reach 160 degrees and children’s skin can burn at a temperature of 140 degrees in a matter of seconds. During a metered temperature reading while under shade canopies, the temperature was a comfortable 82 degrees, which was in contrast to a reading of playground equipment exposed to the sun at a scorching 143 degrees.

Park officials also greatly appreciate Shade Systems’ innovative fastening systems for efficient canopy removal and re-attachment, a feature that recently proved invaluable during Hurricane Irma preparation and recovery.

All Shade Systems fabric shade structures feature CoolNet™ shade fabrics available in a variety of durable colors. ‘Sail’ and Multi-Level ‘Sail’ shade designs can be customized in an endless configuration of shapes and sizes. Shade Systems also offers electrical accommodations for night lighting for more dramatic evening appeal, adding focus to the area, while also reinforcing environmental safety.

Shade Systems carries an extensive line of fabric shade structures and components, umbrellas, canopies and sun shelters to cover playgrounds, bleachers, dugouts, sports fields, pool areas, waterplay and waterpark areas, concessions, parking areas and other outdoor spaces where protection is needed from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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